Privacy Policy

Handling of Personal Information

We recognize the importance of personal information and implement the following initiatives.

  1. We comply laws, regulations, and rules that apply to personal information, set internal rules on the management of personal information, disseminate the rules to employees (including board members, ordinary employees, part-time employees, and dispatched workers), and implement, maintain, and continuously improve the said rules.
  2. When we acquire personal information, we do so to the extent necessary for the purpose of use, after making public the purpose of use or reporting such purposes on an individual basis.
  3. We assign a person responsible for information management to the departments that handle personal information and take precautions to ensure that personal information is correct and updated and to prevent unauthorized access, loss, breakage, falsification, and leakage of personal information.
  4. We use personal information and manage in an appropriate manner within the scope of the purpose of use as made public or reported at time of acquisition and will not disclose nor provide personal information to third parties without consent from the persons, excluding the following cases when:
    • your consent is given in advance;
    • a part of the operations handling personal information is outsourced to third parties for executing our operations,
    • information required by banking institutions is presented to take payment procedures for prices, and
    • there are special circumstances as stipulated by laws and regulations.
  5. When we share personal information with third parties or deposit personal information with third parties to entrust operations, we investigate such third parties, enter into necessary contracts, and take the necessary precautions as required by laws and regulations.
  6. We confirm that individuals relevant to personal information have the right to disclose, correct, suspend the use, or delete the information. In addition, upon request from the individuals relevant to the personal information, we respond quickly to such requests without any argument, unless the circumstances are exceptional as stipulated by laws and regulations.
  7. We manage personal information obtained from entrusters strictly and use the information within the range of the contracts with them.